We Are A City Of Makers

We build. We design. We program. We grow. We brew. We bake. We construct. We craft. We film. We record.


Old fashioned local pride.

There are lots of cool things coming to life thanks to Louisvillians and we want everyone to know it.


A strong, beautiful symbol that signifies a product has its roots (or its soul, if you like) in Louisville, Kentucky.

Who Did This

Michelle Jones came up with the initial idea to include in her app, Menu and Hours, but the idea was fully fleshed out with the input from several smart Louisville folks on Twitter.

Because she's impressed as can be with the incredible work that he produces Michelle asked Bryan Patrick Todd if he'd be willing to do design the Louisville Made symbol. He very generously said yes and created the kick ass symbol that you see on this site.

Define "Roots in Louisville"

A website might be hosted at a data center in California but if the site's writer(s) is in Louisville then the site has its roots in Louisville.

An app may be coded by a developer in San Antonio but if the app's creator and/or designer is based in Louisville then that app has its roots in Louisville.

We don't manufacture a lot of t-shirts or paper in Louisville but we do have a lot of artists who design and print amazing shirts and posters. Those shirts and posters have their roots in Louisville.

Who Can Use the Symbol?

Just about anyone making cool stuff with roots in Louisville. We do ask that you please don't use the symbol on anything pornographic (defining porn here as anything you wouldn't want to show an average grandmother you'd meet on the street) or that is hateful or derogatory in anyway.

If you have a question about whether or not your project is right to use the Louisville Made symbol you can tweet @michellej to ask.

Usage Info

By using the symbol you agree to:

  • Not make any changes to the symbol other than resizing
  • Display the symbol no smaller than 36 pixels in height
  • Let us know how you're using the symbol. emailing Michelle or send an @ message to @michellej. We'll add a list of products and projects using the symbol to this site soon.

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